Designer/Maker - Deeply in love with her laser cutter.

Welcome to Animal Hair
Hi, I'm Anna Mulhearn - say it fast and it becomes... Animal hair!

I'm the designing and making force behind our jewellery, eyewear and accessories. Everything in store is handmade at my studio on the top floor of The Invisible Wind Factory in Liverpool. I draw my designs by hand, convert them into digital format and then laser cut them with the help of my one true love - my laser cutter, Lazer Minelli. I take inspiration from anything that catches my eye (usually the more outlandish the better).

Animal Hair was founded in 2013 after I finished my degree in Fine Art and during a residency (while working in animation) I was asked to produce a table of products for a market. I made some illustrated greetings cards and screen prints and loved it so much I haven't turned back since. 5 years, a lot of hard work and a laser cutter later and here we are!

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